Your horoscope for the day:

Scorpio Oct.23 - Nov.21
Ruling Planets: Pluto and Mars
Element: Water
Colours: Red & black
Lucky gem: Opal
Sensitive body parts: Reproductive organs
You are alert and emotional and your perceptiveness and open mind is an asset in all types of marketing work. Your fearless ambition and direct approach combined with your passion for your work can sometimes turn against you as you can appear too obsessive and your ambition go to extremes. Your colleagues may find you dominant and extreme, and say that you are jealous and unforgiving. If you use your vibrant, alert and often magnetic personality in your relationships then you will achieve your goals without any difficulties. You do not have to be jealous and spiteful, arrogant or unforgiving and bullying. Use your resourcefulness and you will find that the sky is the limit.