Your horoscope for the day:

Libra 23 September – 22 October
Colours: Blues & Pastels
Lucky gem: Sapphire & Jade
Sensitive Body Parts: Kidneys & skin
You are ruled by the Planet Venus and your element is the air.
Your affectionate and gracious, nature makes you well liked. You can settle in any environment with diplomatic, easy-going charm. You are objective and always committed to what you are doing, but as the scales indicate, you can also find it difficult to make up your mind and give sometimes vague answers. You tend to keep people at a distance when you feel they have offended you. You go from high spirits to depression and your drive can leave you exhausted at times. Some may find your attitude materialistic and think you are superficial and self-indulgent. Do not change direction once you have made your mind up. You must learn to stick to your guns.