Market research
Qualitative attitude surveys covering:

  • Position
  • Profile
  • Competition
  • Market shares
  • Products (line, quality, packaging etc)
  • Distribution channels
  • Middleman efficiency
  • Readership surveys
  • Sales organisation effectiveness
  • Advertising effectiveness

Strategic planning

  • Positioning strategy
  • Product mix
  • Marketing mix
  • Corporate image strategy
  • Presentation strategy
  • Budget strategy


  • PR is mostly described as Public Relations. We prefer to define PR in a wider sense as a part of the company’s Coordinated Communication Plan. When our company started we were called a full service advertising/ marketing and promotion agency. We, and our clients, have always regarded us as Communication Consultants.
    PR will always be an important part of the services we provide, and an integrated part of any company’s communication with its shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers.
    We create long term, well functioning, and carefully budgeted Communication Plans.
    As we are constantly working in the market place we notice sometimes faster than our clients when trends and lifestyle change.
    We have the advantage of looking at their market place objectively- that is what they are paying us for.
    Some of our clients do not have their own marketing departments, and few have made provisions for PR within their plans.
    Our mission is to make sure that our clients’ products and services get the attention they need to take a position in highly competitive markets.
    PR starts within the company.
    All employees should be aware of the fact that they work in a company with a clear policy to build and maintain the right image for their products and services and in addition to this have a clearly defined plan to achieve set goals.
    After briefing by our clients about their objectives, priorities and target groups we develop the communication plan with all components such as staff information, and all activities interlinked and planned in detail to achieve maximum impact. Copy and graphic platforms are revised to fit the intended position in the market and all information material adapted to the
    The media exposure plans are divided in advertising and conventional PR. In the latter the client’s message never appears as advertising, only as genuine news, that serious editors wish to publish.
    We also include detailed plans for media relations and crisis handling for those clients that do not have their own Press Officers or crisis handling departments.

    PR for New companies reads Coordinated Communication
    Many newly started companies have excellent products and services with experienced engineers, technicians, and financial departments, but have little or no experience of coordinated communication planning. Hence, their marketing budget is not fully utilised.
    Our philosophy is to grow with our small clients. If we can help them use their marketing budget wisely, they stay with us. Some of our clients came to us as newly started companies more than 20 years ago and are still with us.

Corporate identity

  • Graphic and copy profiles (logotypes, product and sales arguments, manuals etc)
  • Design and production of all printed and presentation material (Stationary, packaging, vehicles, sign etc).

Activity planning

Detailed activity plans (advertising, sales promotion, exhibitions, DM, PR etc) with in-built checkpoints to provide maximum flexibility and budget control.

Printed matter

Planning, copy, design and production of data and product sheets, technical descriptions, instruction manuals and handbooks, Direct Mail, Point of Purchase material, brochures, annual, quarterly and monthly reports.


Planning, copy, design and production of material for all types of media, traditional and modern; Press, posters, videos, radio and TVspots, web pages, CDs.

In-house periodicals

For clients who work with inhouse magazines we offer initial development, copy, and layout, complete print originals and print services. We also build and update mailing lists, and undertake distribution.

Interactive multimedia presentations

Initiation and production (Sales Tools, games, movies etc)

World wide web services

Developing Sales channels. Devising safety systems for intranet and interactive functions.
Web pages (Producing, hosting running, updating, statistics, follow-up, service, training, and telephone support).


Planning, designing, ordering, costing, and producing display units and complete stands. Designing and producing invitations, programme presentations and press material. Devising service schedules and training staff. Supervising and co-ordinating production and follow-up activities.

Conferences and symposiums

Planning, booking, co-ordinating all stages of a conference including setting time schedules, booking venues, hotels, restaurants and entertainment. Developing, designing, and producing all associated printed and promotion material.


Personal development and training are integrated elements of all SEWELL MARKETING services. Particular attention is paid to the possibilities of rapid impact provided by new media. SEWELL MARKETING develops practical training packages to give clients the skills needed to make full use of all modern communication methods:
  • General knowledge of commonly used computer programs
  • Surfing the net
  • How to write and receive email, for production purposes (proofs, attached files, photographs, illustrations etc)
Special, individual training courses for marketing assistants include a glossary in English and Swedish for the production of advertising and promotion material, ordering media space etc)

Proof reader's marks
for download:
English PDF 27 kb
Swedish PDF 19 kb


Hot line support

People often feel unsure, even after completing courses. SEWELL MARKETING offers ongoing telephone "booster-support" in sales, marketing, computer and associated subjects from highly trained, well-informed staff.

Scanning, filing and storage

One of the new services we offer is the scanning, filing, and storage of material (photos, graphics, digital originals etc). This is kept in the form of a "client data bank" from which distribution can be undertaken at any time to media, publishers, subsidiaries, agents and distributors on a world-wide basis.