Correctly targeted marketing
and activity plans

Our firm belief is that a company's marketing activities must be based on a carefully structured strategy. This should be founded on the results of thorough market research and analysis, thus creating a sound basis for correctly targeted marketing and activity plans. Our commitment is to fashion all our clients marketing and promotion activities so that they reflect their company's philosophy, image and aspirations. We strive to create a perfect balance between copy and graphic design and to ensure that everything we produce is in accordance with our client's strategy and corporate image.

Our commitment to ethical decisions and professional behaviour in our relationship with our customers and their clients, the press and public, has guided our actions from the start in 1969.
This is mirrored in our official company name
- Ethical Attitude Surveys- AB
In 1972 we became a Limited company and presented publicly our
Code of Ethics, Quality Manual, and Environmental Policy
Now, close to 40 years later, the words ETHICS, QUALITY and ENVIRONMENT are more relevant than ever.
Now literally all companies talk about how principles and standards should and must guide all business decisions and actions.
We have proven that there is a great difference between paying lip service to these words and living up to the promises.
We have been completely honest with our clients, even when it has meant saying no to a commission.
All customers are treated with the same respect, no matter how small or how big the job, and we are proud to say that some of our clients have stayed with us from the start, more than 30 years!
Over the years we have acquired a unique and specialised knowledge in the field of market research, marketing strategy, marketing and activity planning, advertising, PR, production of information material, all aspects of communication.
We take full responsibility for our actions and provide objective advice to our clients
Our guidelines are loyalty and fairness when dealing with clients and their customers, employees, free-lance staff, media, suppliers, competitors, banks and authorities.
The world of marketing, promotion, advertising and PR has undergone great changes during the years our company has existed. The fast development of IT puts even more emphasis on the need to protect the privacy rights of our clients and the need for us to be vigilant in protecting privileged and confidential information we may receive from our clients or from media.
Our clients know that we will always act in their best interest, and that we also will inform of any potential conflict of interest to all parties and let our clients determine whether they feel a conflict of interest exists and abide by their decisions.
We trust that our belief in proper values and ethical conduct will be of benefit to our customers in many years to come and thank all present, former and prospective clients for their trust and belief in us.